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Heal yourself naturallyI am Maleka, your happiness  consultant / Spiritual Life-Coach and teacher to the natural healing process and I am passionate about showing you how to heal yourself naturally.  I am an experienced certified Natural Mindfulness and Forest Therapy Guide and Life Coach.

I believe in the healing power of Nature and the power of Unconditional Love and it is through loving and helping you, that I make the difference to show you how to heal yourself naturally from a lifetime’s worth of emotional wounds and for you to find genuine peace and real happiness.  It is my true purpose in life.

I believe Nature has intelligence and provides us with so many opportunities to learn from, to heal us with and to sustain us.  From the moment I was born I knew nature was my sanctuary and when I learnt to crawl you would find me under a tree or under a bush (when you come along to one of my events please ask me to share with you the story about the pineapple patch girl).

Nature is where I find Peace, Joy and Happiness, in turn it has given me a lifetime of experience and knowledge and has revealed to me its many natural health benefits and provided me with so many life lessons.

Magical wonderland about meEvery single time I am out in Nature my senses are awaked for me to experience nature with true connection and a level of presence awareness.  For me it is a magical wonderland and I feel it is my calling.

I feel the cool breeze and the warm sunshine on my face.  I hear the wind rustling the leaves.  In the woods I hear the sound of distant church bells chiming and a sweet beautiful music calling me to enter deeper as the wind whistles past the tall trees, swaying them gently like a rhythmic dance.  I hear the beautiful bird song.  I smell the sweet fragrance of flowers in the air.  I am able to touch; the bark on trees to feel the roughness, the smoothness of leaves and the softness of moss.  I can taste the sweetness of berries and eat leaves of plants so I never go hungry.  I see the vibrancy of the different colours and the so many shades of greens.  Everywhere I look I see so much activity, the world outside is teeming with so much life even in the winter months that I never feel alone.

There is always something interesting and fun to see, even though I may travel the same path every day, I will see new things every time, the more I look the more I see, it so fascinating and truly amazing.

Most people these days live very busy, stressful lives and never really have time for their self.  It is important that we have downtime to relax and unplug ourselves from the stresses of modern life.

Natural environment about meIn a natural environment I will guide you through the practice of Natural Mindfulness and show you how to live in the present moment; accepting things as is without judgments.  I will teach you relaxation techniques to help you de-stress, and as I connect to you, with you, I will show you how to connect to others by caring.

I will help you to see the fun and interesting things so you have a good time and help you to relax, de-stress and gain some learning too.

Come and discover the amazing health benefits we can get from Nature and our natural environment.  To name a few: the air we breathe, clean drinking water and discover food that we walk past every day without realising it.  Our natural habitat provides materials to build shelter and clothes we wear.  Best of all, plants that can be used to cure almost any and everything.

Nature gives us a sense of well being, freedom and connection to balance our lives.  It is a great cure for depression and anxiety.

Trees release natural healing chemicals called Phytoncides into the atmosphere that helps protect their immune systems.  By being in their presence we can breathe in these chemicals and absorb them through our skin.  The Japanese have a name for this and call it “Shin-Rin-Yoku” loosely translated to mean “Forest Bathing”.

By being committed to this practice you can transform your life.  I cannot stress enough, how important it is to stay topped up on a regular basis, to maintain that relaxed and refreshed feeling.

Natural remedies about meIf you would like to learn about the natural medicinal benefits of various plants and how to heal yourself naturally, register for one of my workshops on natural remedies.


I have healed myself naturally from a lifetime of emotional wounds by finding the single most important thing – REAL Unconditional Love that is missing in almost everyone’s life, and also cured my many ailments that were debilitating me with my natural remedies.

I have overcome depression naturally from having been suicidal from prescribed anti-depressants.  I have treated colds, flus, rashes, insect bites, healed wounds, sore throats, abscesses, various skin conditions and problems with severe bleeding, arthritis, inflammations and many other conditions.  In may 2018 I was due to go in for a major operation which I cancelled because I had healed myself naturally by using a very common natural healing plant for just 2 days removed the need for surgery, my body had returned to “normal”.  So I escaped the surgeon’s knife for now!

I no longer suffer with anxieties, panic attacks, fears, phobias, OCD’s and have recovered from the domestic violence in my marriage; the abuse that I had suffered throughout my life; the bullying at school and also the bullying in the workplace.

I was emotionally crippled and physically debilitated and in so much pain.  I was full of anger, bitterness and victimhood from all of my life experiences and it was literally killing me.  I used to constantly live in fear and always felt alone and in 2006 I was totally isolated.  Back then I had no one in my life, only the Samaritans calling me 3 times a day to keep me alive.  It is a miracle that I am alive today, I should have died at age 5 and then at age 36.

I knew deep down there was something missing in my life and I needed to take responsibility for my own happiness, to find the truth and the single most important thing that has led me to change my life completely.

I also knew that my family was very unloving, my mother being the main source of my pains.  She considered me totally useless and did not believe in loving girls or educating girls, so I only got 4 years of formal schooling only because she was forced to send me to school.  She said some hurtful things that affected my emotional well being.  She could not believe how she could have given birth to such an ugly thing like me and that they would never be able to find a man for me to marry.  She criticised every single thing about me and picked fault with everything from the shape of my flat nose, my goofy teeth, the colour of my eyes, my hair to the way my hair parted, my bony arms and skinny legs, absolutely everything about me she would pick fault with.  Watching over me and being critical about everything I did.

I had believed  I was the ugliest thing in the world and I had zero self esteem and no confidence at all.   It is no wonder I grew up with all the problems I had!

Despite all the hardships I am NOW living a life full of health, peace, genuine happiness and freedom, free from pain and fear.



I appreciate that very few people will be able to relate to my experiences but please believe when I say that every single one of has been wounded emotionally and no matter what we do or achieve it will never feel like enough until that primary wound has been healed.

I believe in making the difference for you.  I believe in helping you to heal naturally and for you to discover the truth and for you to take responsibility for your own happiness.

What is important to us is a sense of feeling well, sense of belonging and sense of feeling connected and that is the environment I now aim to provide for all of my clients, to learn how to heal yourself naturally, to feel free and to live happily and in peace.  Because when we connect we care!

At my events you will be provided with a safe holding space for you to explore and discover who you are.  When you arrive with an open heart and open mind magic happens!  I will be caring for you and you happiness at all times.


I am registered with the IMMA (International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance), approved by the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) and have qualifications and certificates in Counselling, Advice & Guidance and Teaching PTTLS (Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector), and many other qualifications too.


Caring about you and your happiness, for you to Live the Life You Deserve Now!

Maleka Bibi

Holisitic Health Practitioner / Life Guide – My Life Naturals & Tamworth Natural Mindfulness

Chair – SHARE group
Web: www.mylife-maleka.co.uk

Email: maleka5@msn.com
mob:  07961 967016
tel: 01827 703072

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