Forest Therapy Experience

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Forest Therapy

12 different locations around the Midlands of beautiful countryside scenery.

Includes Natural Mindfulness walk in beautiful countryside, Meditation, tea ceremony, guided invitations to raise awareness and overcome limiting beliefs to discover your true nature and provide natural healing within group setting to share learning and gratitude exercises.

In these small exclusive group sessions I as your certified Forest Therapy and Natural Mindfulness Guide will lead and guide you through beautiful scenic locations around the Midlands area showing you how to get the most health benefits from nature.

I will help you to connect with nature through your senses so that you can discover YOU and your true nature and help you feel reconnected and peaceful. You will also learn how to truly accept you as you are and overcome limiting beliefs and how to halt that internal chatter. You will also start the natural healing process.

I will guide you to relax through gentle breathing exercises and meditation. I will help you to increase your awareness through a series of invitations to help you become present so that you can start to learn how to accept things as is without judgements.

We will perform group sharing exercises, self reflections and share learning experiences and also perform gratitude exercises over some herbal teas and healthy snacks.

Forest therapy is an immersion of you and being guided by your therapist to a level of heightened awareness, so that your mind, body and soul is open to receiving the natural environment where plants and trees shower themselves in an antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial compound called Phytoncides. This is how they combat disease. So when you absorb these Phytoncides, you can start your own natural healing process to becoming healthier and fitter in body, mind and soul.

As we walk in ALL weathers, it is advisable for you to have suitable outdoor clothing, footwear and a bottle of water to drink.

For further information please contact your guide Maleka on 07961 967016, email

Do you have a question about  my walks or workshops? Have you seen trail conditions change since I made a post? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


The Paths We Travel


All you will need to walk with us


Here are a few basic requirements to help you prepare for a Natural Mindfulness Walk.


Directions. A postcode for the next Natural Mindfulness walk is usually included in the listings to help you find us using sat/nav, or online maps. We can also send further directions by email/text or Facebook Messenger nearer the date on request. If you are in any doubt, just ask using the contact box below.


Footwear. We walk in all weathers/conditions and may encounter wet grass, muddy and wet footpaths on occasions, even in the summer months. It is advisable to bring walking boots or other sturdy footwear. We don’t encourage people to walk in thin-soled shoes, or barefoot, but we don’t stop you either, as feeling our feet on the grass, earth and in wild water can be a wonderful Natural Mindfulness experience, in some conditions. As long as you take full responsibility for any unplanned consequences, the choice is yours.


Clothing. The temperature and conditions during a 2-3 hour walk can change quickly and so appropriate layers of clothing are recommended based on local forecasts. Waterproofs if wet weather is forecast and head covering if it’s a sunny day or very cold. During winter months good socks and gloves are necessary as we do stop at regular intervals. On clear summer days we advise bringing sun protection.


Fluid/Snacks. It is important to remain hydrated during the walk so bring some water, but remember we will be walking in nature and so there will be no public toilets along the route. On colder days guides/members may bring hot water and herbal tea bags. Feel free to bring your favourite herbal tea bags and snacks along if a refreshment break is included.


Focus. A specific intention to connect with nature in a healing way. The walk/session is designed to help you move through the landscape in ways that cultivate presence, opening all the senses and actively communicating with the land.


Patience. Don’t Rush. The primary goal is not exercise or physical exertion. Walks are rarely more than a few miles and last up to 3 hours. It’s about enjoying the journey.

Generously give your attention. I encourage “Natural Mindfulness” as we walk using an ever-changing and evolving series of activities. These activities are designed to slow us down and open the senses allowing the natural world to penetrate he natural world to penetrate our consciousness more deeply.


Practice. It’s not a one-off event. Developing a meaningful relationship with yourself and nature occurs over time. This is why we have created the “Natural Mindfulness Community” enabling and encouraging members to returning again and again throughout the natural cycles of the seasons.


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