Outside Experiences

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Be healthy and stress free in body, mind and soul.  Come join me on a walk or a walk and talk to experience the freedom and joy of being in a natural environment.

Start today and be stress free.

Stress puts pressure on us and affects our health, our relationships and our society.

Stress is the biggest cause of illnesses, doctors report that stress accounts for 70-90% of all illnesses. i.e. heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer, alzheimer, IBS, asthma, emotional and mental disorders and many more including cancer.

By making simple adjustments to your lifestyle you can make time to come join me to relax for a couple hours in a stress free environment either in a group environment or on an exclusive 1-2-1 walk and talk which has been specially designed with care for you.  

I make it easier for you to get out into the fresh air to switch off, relax and also get fit at the same time too.

Below is the list of the special outdoor experiences I have available for you:

Outdoor experiences

Discover Natural MindfulnessLearn More & Book Here

  • Location: Tamworth and Cotswolds areas
  • Tamworth walks will be on:
  • Saturday mornings 10:30hrs-12:00hrs
  • Sunday afternoons 14:30hrs-16:30hrs
  • Spring/Summer months will have a midweek evening walk 18:30hrs – 20:00hrs
  • Gentle mindfulness walk suitable for all ages
  • Cost of this walk is £10.  Free for Tamworth Natural Mindfulness Members.  Membership is £10 a month for unlimited walks a month (upto 6).

I Love NatureLearn More & Book Here

  • Location: Wilnecote Nature Reserve Tamworth
  • Thursdays 10:30hrs – 12:30hrs
  • Cost of Walk £20  and for Tamworth Natural Mindfulness Members £10

Family Fun Adventure WalkLearn More & Book Here

  • Location: Different locations in the Midlands area
  • Saturdays 10:30hrs -12:30hrs
  • Fun themed outdoor events
  • Cost of walk: Adults £10, children £5
  • We walk in all weathers so it is advisable to have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear and layers if it is going to be a particularly cold day.  And a bottle of water to drink

Natural Remedies WorkshopLearn More & Book Here

  • Location: My Life Naturals Tamworth
  • Saturdays 10:30hrs – 16:00hrs
  • Cost of workshop: £90
  • Full day workshops, for discovering natural wild organic edible and herbal plants in their natural environment.

Forest Therapy ExperienceLearn More & Book Here

  • “Discover YOU”
  • Time out for you to have a fun and relaxing experience
  • Sunday’s 14:00hrs – 1700hrs
  • Cost £60
  • 12 different locations around the Midlands of beautiful countryside scenery.
  • Includes Natural Mindfulness walk in beautiful countryside, Meditation, tea ceremony, guided invitations to raise awareness and overcome limiting beliefs to discover your true nature and provide natural healing within group setting to share learning and gratitude exercises.

Nature Personal Development (NPD) – Learn More & Book Here

  • Location: Alvecote Woods Tamworth
  • Mondays 09:30hrs – 11:30hrs
  • Cost £45
  • Outdoor “Walk and Talk” personal development programme for busy professionals and self employed business owners to step out of your day to day stresses and think more clearly in a different head space.

Nature Boost Sessions – “Destress TuesdaysLearn More & Book Here

  • Location:  My Life Naturals Tamworth
  • Tuesdays  mornings 09:30hrs – 11:00hrs
  • Tuesday lunchtimes 12:00hrs – 13:30hrs
  • Cost £30
  • For employees and professionals who are suffering from stress and conflict in the workplace.  A combined Nature, relaxation and exercise therapy to de-stress naturally in a peaceful scenic location.

Walk and Talk – exclusive 1-2-1 session

  • Location: My Life Naturals Tamworth
  • Sundays 10:30-12:30hrs
  • Cost £120
  • I can help you to feel understood, listened to, accepted, valued and feel more relaxed.  I will help you to see what is true and the root cause of stress, what is actually making you feel the way you do.
  • Reconnection to healing power of unconditional love and Nature session to help make sense of things.

Heal Yourself Naturally – “You Day” Learn More & Book Here

  • Location: My Life Naturals Tamworth
  • Cost £150
  • Fridays 10:00hrs – 16:00hrs
  • Saturdays 10:00hrs – 16:00hrs
  • Reconnection and healing day in safe holding space for cathartic experience to heal your emotional wounds naturally in indoor and outdoor environment.

Guide Training days are also available – Please enquire about the next training day.

Hero’s journey – “Discover Your Purpose”

Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn

Outdoor exploration day combined with forest therapy, natural mindfulness and life coaching in beautiful scenic locations around the UK for seasoned walkers to stretch beyond limits and boundaries to make the shift to higher levels of awareness to discover your real purpose in life and your true nature.

Only open to a very small exclusive number of individuals who are ready, committed and willing to take the next step to make the biggest difference in your life to truly understand what you are all about.  This experience will be an eye opening transformation day.