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Here is what my clients have said on Google about my services


Madara Franka-Safare

“I have attended number of events with Maleka, such as Hobbit walk, Medical & Edible plants workshop and Mindfulness walks. I really enjoy participating in these events, they are very relaxing and insightful with like-minded people. I always come back positively recharged. Maleka’s lovely personality and passion for what she does shines throughout. I definitely recommend it.”

Rob Davis

“Had a wonderful morning attending a medicinal plants and wild edibles workshop that Maleka had organised. Very relaxed atmosphere and was very interesting to learn so much about the plants that are around us and their health benefits . The hosts knowledge is incredible. We were also served some delicious food to demonstrate how we can use some of the plants we picked. Would highly recommend this to anyone, chilled and fun!!

I have also been on numerous natural mindfulness walks that Maleka has organised. These are great to switch off from the world and appreciate the moment. I go on these walks whenever I can and have never regretted a single one. Always relaxing, informative and good company.”

“Over 2 years I had tried to deal with our retirement and my relationships.  My son having a divorce and moving in with us, dealing with a relationship with his new girlfriend and her son, trying to talk to our grandchildren and watching them having to come to terms with their mum and dad not together anymore and them accepting my sons new girlfriend.
I had tried reading books about anxiety and depression but found although they gave advice it was difficult to understand and put into practice without being able to discuss it with someone.
After only the first session with Maleka I started to feel a bit better about myself and understood what she was telling me to do.
After the second session I found I was not crying so much, I could look in the mirror again and felt so much better in myself.
After the third session I was much stronger and actually stood up for myself in a couple of situations and still remained calm which made me feel absolutely wonderful. My relationship with my husband improved tremendously and he said he could not believe how I had changed in only three sessions.
I am still continuing to see Maleka and although we only have a small income it is definitely money well spent as I already feel that I am almost at the top of the ladder and able to cope on my own.
Maleka has brought sunshine and light into my world that I have never had in all my life and I thank her for doing this from the bottom of my heart.
Recommendation 1

“I have never felt more comfortable meeting someone for the first time. There was no pressure, nothing was forced. Truly an enjoyable experience and I’m very much looking forward to the future meetings we will have. An incredible “woman in a relaxed environment, can’t say enough positive things about Maleka and the 2 hours we spent together. Thank you” Meg