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My Life Naturals Tamworth, West Midlands

A social enterprise for health and well-being to serve the local community and worldwide

My mission is to help every person become stress free and be healthy in body, mind and soul and to have amazing relationships. 


My vision – is to empower every person to be in control of their lives and to care about our natural world to make the difference. A world free from stress and conflict.  A world in peace.

My goal – is to love the person in front of me.

My Principles

  1. Compassion for everything,
  2. Truth and Honesty,
  3. Question everything to get to the real truth,
  4. Understanding – seek to understand others better,
  5. Love others unconditionally with acceptance of their current perceptions,
  6. Provide healing and peace for others in a safe environment,
  7. Teach others how to be more loving,
  8. Be the example for others to follow,
  9. Guide others to become more peaceful and happier,
  10. Gain real connection to others and the natural environment to make the difference!


Have you noticed there is an increase in stress, conflict and health issues in society and maybe also in your life, with no real solution to treat the root cause?

I believe the reason for all these problems is because of the lack of real connection and compassion to care, because we have not experienced REAL unconditional love.  All it takes is just one small step to change things.

The things that really matter to us is our own health, our relationships and the natural environment.

I can help to treat the root causes with the services I provide for instance:


Health Walks

My Life Naturals Health WalksMy Life Naturals Health Walks – for people to be stress free, be healthier, fitter and to gain real connection with the natural environment.  It is reported by doctors that 70-90% of all illnesses is as a result of stress. i.e. heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer, alzheimer, IBS, asthma, emotional and mental disorders and many more including cancer.

Stress puts pressure on us and affects our health, our relationships and our society.  

By making simple adjustments to your lifestyle you can make time to come to my health walks to become healthier and fitter. 

Natural Remedies

My Life Naturals Remedies
My Life Naturals Remedies

Natural Remedies  to relieve the stress on the NHS.  I do not suffer with colds and flus and have treated and healed many illnesses naturally and saved myself from major surgery and not needing cancer treatment too, saving the NHS several thousands of pounds.

My Life Naturals Life Coach Tamworth
Happiness consultant

Relationship coaching – to feel genuinely fulfilled, happy, peaceful and loving towards others.  I treat the root cause of all unhappiness which causes stress in peoples’ lives and in society, with principles of real unconditional love.  

Real unconditional love is having a true understanding of self and the ability to see others clearly to love and accept them as they are.  Simply caring about the happiness of others without wanting anything in return. The missing ingredient that makes the difference to resolve all conflicts peacefully. 

Because it is missing it gives rise to stresses, fears and anxieties, and all those stresses, fears and anxieties lead to psychological and physiological ailments which can be debilitating and can also be life threatening too like cancer.

I knew deep down there was something missing in my life and I needed to take responsibility for my own happiness, to find the truth that has led me to change my life completely.  

I had tried so many things previously but nothing worked as effectively as the missing ingredient.  It transformed me and made me more aware of my real true purpose in life, to love and teach others how to be more loving.  

It is only when the core and true nature of the person is realised, seen, loved and accepted by someone who is capable of providing unconditional love, then does someone really get a true understanding of who they really are and feel free to be themselves.  

Feeling loved and accepted and remembering being loved, allows them to be truly comfortable around others and really be peaceful so that their happiness is not affected by the words, actions or inactions of others. There is no disappointment or anger only peace and happiness and real love and compassion for others.  

When we find the missing element of unconditional love and gain real understanding of our hearts and minds, and our soul is nourished, we get a true sense of peace and a feeling of genuine happiness for us to realise how we can contribute towards the greater good of humanity.

So when our soul is nourished, we have no conflicts, no stress and we have more connection, better health, more compassion and love, we achieve genuine peace and happiness for all of us.

Now imagine a world free from conflict and stress.  A world in peace.  How do you feel knowing that this is possible and you are part of it and also the solution? 

My contribution –  to the world is my ability to care, to make the difference for you, so that you can be genuinely peaceful and happy today.  

Change  happens  when  we  take  steps  to  heal  ourselves first  and  then when we are free in mind,  we  can  change  what  is  causing  us  the  most  unhappiness  in  our  own lives, which then has an effect on those around us.  It creates a ripple effect.  

Come join me today, to change your life and care about the world you live in.

My love, Peace and Happiness to you. 


Kindness to heal the world
We can heal the world with kindness

We can heal the world with KINDNESS!