Are You Ready for LOVE?

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Unconditional love
Are You Ready for Love


Too many people enter relationships without having the right foundations and end up with failed and unhappy relationships.

If you are missing real unconditional love in your life, no matter what you have will not be enough long term.  You also won’t see that you don’t need people to see your worth, because you already know and feel worthy.

When we are truly self aware and have the ability to tell the truth about ourselves and be unconditionally loving towards others, we nourish our soul.  Our soul desires to be loved and be loving.  When we love unconditionally, we have acceptance, genuine peace, happiness and love.

With unconditional love there is no control, no manipulation, no conflict, no shame, no guilt, no anger, no fear, no disappointments, no expectations, no blame, no confusion, no victimhood and no drama.

If you are disappointed, afraid or angry then your cup of love is empty.  If you are loved unconditionally then your empty cup of love can become full and have the ability to be unconditionally loving too, if you have the willingness.  When your cup is overflowing you also become an example of love.

So if and when conflicts do arise they can be resolved easily and peacefully and any negativity has little affect.

When you have two people who are equally unconditionally loving within a relationship it becomes so easy, fulfilling and the most amazing relationship ever.

In a real loving relationship there is trust, total honesty and truth telling and is a real partnership for life.

The reality is that so very few people in the world know or understand what real unconditional love is and hence why we have the conflicts in the world and why there is so much pain, suffering and mental health issues.

An example of unloving manipulative behaviour is “people pleasing” because ultimately it is to get something for yourself.

The childhood emotional traumas and emotional wounds of adulthood need to be healed first before considering entering into a relationship.

The self-love/love yourself theory is so unnecessary because;

A child that has fallen down and broken his/her leg and is wounded  and hurt can  not  love him/herself,  they  need  to  feel  love,  and  have  the  care  and  attention  they  need  in  order  to  heal  their  wounds.

They  need  to  FEEL  their  parents love and need their parents guidance to be shown how to not get hurt and not be taken advantage of or made into a doormat. They become strong emotionally and feel invincible to achieve whatever they were destined to become.

If  it  was  possible  for  that  child  to  love  him  or  herself  they  would  not  be emotionally  wounded.

The  self-love/love yourself theory keeps  people in  pain  and  suffering  for  longer because it is difficult,  and  adds  to separation  when  running  away  from  an  opportunity to  be  loving  and  experience feeling  loved.   Loving yourself also only serves the egos and the narcissistic part of our personality.

If you were able to truly love yourself you would not have got hurt in the first place. People need guidance because they can be blind to what they can not see for themselves.  It is far easier for an onlooker to see a situation better than when you are emotionally involved.

Anyone can choose to love.  You do not need to love yourself in order for me to love you and care about your happiness.  Anyone who has the willingness, capacity and ability to love unconditionally can offer love.  It is always your choice and your decision to accept that love.

As adults, responsibility (self care and self respect) for one’s own happiness is  needed  to  get  the  love  they  need  and  know  WHAT  they  are  responsible for,  they  are  NOT  responsible for  someone else’s  happiness.  As adults they are only  responsible for  their  own  happiness and the happiness of their children who are dependent on them.

Being  loving is  a  choice, you  do  not  need  to  love  yourself  in  order  for  you to love someone.   It is  a  choice  and  always  a  decision  for  the  reciever  to  trust  the  love  that  is  offered  to  them and to  accept.   

I  can  choose  to  love  someone  freely  without  expectation  or  wanting  anything  in  return.  My love  does  not  empty  out  and  I  don’t need  them  to  accept  it  either,  of  course  it  is  better  for  them  if  they  do hear my message.

Unconditional love  is  limitless.  It  flows  one  way from  the  giver to  the   receiver.   Conditional  love  is  like trading, you get something from it.

Unconditional love  is  simple,  it’s  what  parents  needed  to  give  to  their  children  as  they  were  growing  up to help them be emotionally complete and genuinely happy.

Just to be clear here I  am  not  blaming  parents either, because they  themselves also may  not  have  had  it, to  give  in the first place.   They did  the  best  they  could  with  what  experience and  knowledge they  had  at  the  time.  They still have opportunity to learn to do better.

When  someone  is  hurting  it is  understandable that  they  are in  fear  of  trusting  because  they  have  been  hurt  and  lied  to  so  many times  before,  hence  why  they  find  it  difficult to  surrender  to  real  unconditional love to  begin  with.  Over time they  start  to   feel  and  experience what  it  really  feels  like  being  truly loved.

Of  course  the  sooner  they  trust  the  sooner  they  become  peaceful,  happier  and  fearless  and  learn  how  to  be  loving  too.

Because people have  not  experienced  what  is  real  unconditional love which  is very simple and natural, naturally they over  complicate  things  with  expectations and the lack  of  understanding  and  come  up  with  so  many  theories  to  fill  the  missing gap  in  their  experience, for instance, “you need to love yourself”.

This theory may have only been a marketing ploy, to keep you feeling not good enough and also goes to keep you buying more and more of whatever they are selling. A lot of industries play on people’s insecurities of being not good enough, i.e. the looking good industry.

You can not think yourself into feeling loved.  You need to feel and experience it firsthand to know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally, so you know how to love another unconditionally.

No matter what you try out, you will still be constantly searching because you are missing the single most important thing you need in your life to help you feel enough, which is real unconditional love.  The constant search can lead you to having addictions, unhelpful behaviours and mental health issues.

The issues and problems we see in society is because of the lack of unconditional love and compassion, it is also affecting climate change too.

It is important for anyone considering a new relationship to not  settle  for  anything  less than  an  unconditionally  loving  relationship, when  looking  for  a  life  partner.

Even if you are already in a relationship, it can be transformed to a much happier amazing relationship with real unconditional love.

If you would like dating or relationship advice I can help, and offer services to help heal those lifelong emotional traumas and wounds for anyone who is serious about changing their life and transforming their relationships.

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