Lack of Nature could be damaging your child

Lack of Nature could be damaging your child

“Lack of Nature could be damaging your child”

Lack of Nature could be damaging your child There are important truths in this article that every parent needs to know.  In particular, that the lack of Nature could be damaging your child. Will you be willing to read it and let me know your thoughts?

I believe I am doing my bit to make the difference, by providing fun learning activities for families of all ages to go outdoors in a natural environment. To learn from play; to heal naturally; to get fitter; healthier physically and emotionally in the natural environment and to have good mental health.

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Our retreats will provide you with an opportunity to take time out and step away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life to relax, refocus and re-emerge ready to return to your life with a new perspective.
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These amazing retreats include:
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  • All meals and drinks inside and outside the accommodation
  • Cook (for breakfast and evening meals if you decide to eat in)
  • Option for guided tours of local attractions
  • Woodland walks and forest bathing experiences
  • Choice of group, couples or individual retreats
  • Pool for swimming or just floating around
  • Accommodation in stunning countryside around the UK

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