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I am your local Life coach in Tamworth and I will guide you to discover the real truth, to live a life of real genuine happiness and peace, you will feel emotionally free from pain and fear, to Live the Life You Deserve Now.

I will show you a way to help you heal naturally from a life time of emotional wounds by accepting you without judgements with my tried and tested method.

You will achieve genuine happiness in all your relationships both at work and at home.  Find out more here

Life coach in Tamworth You will become more confident and have inner confidence that will help you to decide to choose to do the right thing everytime.

You will overcome limiting beliefs and fears by healing naturally from your primary emotional wounds to live freely.

You will learn how to truly be unconditionally loving to achieve real peace and genuine happiness.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health & happiness? Are you able to make the decision to be committed to making the difference for you and your life? Will you be willing to trust your Life coach in Tamworth  to help you to be free?

You decide whether the time is right for you to take responsibility for your health and your well-being to live a life of freedom, peace and genuine happiness.

I as your My Life coach in Tamworth offer these experiences.

Group work

SHARE (Self Help Assertive Reassuring Experience)  group drop in services for anyone needing support from a supportive group environment.  To help with issues with mental health, confidence & self-esteem and relationship issues.

Confidence Building sessions – group session for 6 weeks

The group sessions are a friendly, relaxing and fun event.  Specifically designed to be easy to put into action with support from group members to participate in the simple exercises.  To start building your confidence levels and self esteem, so you feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge you will be okay and have inner peace with whatever life brings.

There will be no expectations, pressure or judgements, it will be all about acceptance of who you are and where you are at. The beauty is everyone will be starting from the beginning.

The sessions are confidential and anything discussed in the group, to remain within the group so that everyone feels comfortable to share experiences openly and honestly.

Each group member’s confidence levels will increase over a number of weeks as long as they participate and practice the exercises.

Life coach in TamworthRelationship Group Coaching for individuals in very small group environment limited to 5 people to help with relationship issues

Happiness Support Community

Monthly meeting to discuss a topic.

You will be supported by a community of like minded people who would be willing to act as wise people to show you how to share your truth and to help you heal from a life time of emotional wounds by accepting you without judgements.

Private individual 1-2-1 coaching

I believe in helping you to discover the truth and helping you to take responsibility for your own happiness.

I believe everyone is searching for something that is missing in their life and because of the constant distractions it may be difficult for people to know for sure what it is they are searching for.

Most people will not be aware of the real truth because of life experiences, programming and self deceptive nature of limiting beliefs.

They may believe that some of the temporary fixes and addictions (the distractions), that they find is going to bring them happiness, which is simply not true.  It is only a temporary fix just like a plaster on the wound which does not deal with the root cause and so will not be long lasting.

Please believe me when I say I know that every single one of us at some point in our lives has been wounded emotionally.  Many may not have ever experienced real unconditional love.  With real unconditional love there is no anger or disappointment, only genuine peace and happiness.

You may or may not realise what you need first and foremost and so you will be in constant search of this missing element in your life.  And no matter what you try out, do or achieve in life will never feel like it is enough.

In order to find genuine peace, happiness, a sense of fulfilment and to feel free from pain and fear you will need to heal those primary wounds.

I am here for you, caring about you and your happiness and want to help you to find and learn about that single most important thing to help you heal from the root cause.  This is what will make the biggest difference in your life and help you to feel free.

With hand on my heart I say this to you, “I want for you to feel happy and feel free from pain and suffering”. I went through 46 years of searching and suffering, trying so many various different therapies that did not bring me real healing or happiness and then finally finding the one missing thing REAL unconditional love, that made the biggest difference to my life.  

I can honestly say that I have now at last found what I believe I was truly destined to do and that is, “To Help Others To Find, Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness”.  

I have a great sense of purpose and believe in making the difference for you and I am here for you today, offering you these unique packages for you to choose from.

With My Life coach in Tamworth, you will discover how to make the biggest difference in your life by healing the primary wound.  I am here for you to guide you and to show you, how you too can be genuinely happy, pain free and be in total control of your emotions and your life. 

See packages on my coaching page

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To discover a more natural way to live a healthy life

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